Creating an international company

Why would someone want to create an international company, if one could still be happy with a local one? Well, having an international company opens a lot of possibilities for export and thus effective leveraging of your sales and services. Even if your company does not work with any physical goods or any type of production, the online services may also require permission from country authorities where your potential client is located. Thus expanding to an international market is like opening a dozen of similar local companies.

How big is the scale of a potential growth? Depending to the nature of your business it could scale around 10 times. Although the world is much bigger and would offer a lot of potential clients, most of the time, you will see that dealing with certain countries may turn out unprofitable. Unless you make something that no one else in the world could deliver, e.g. Intel processors – which are needed in absolutely every country and they could not be replaced by any similar product, if you want to have a decent desktop computer at all.

How difficult is it to register an international company? To be honest it is very difficult. Because unlike local company, which would not be strictly observed and obliged to comply with any sophisticated regulations, an international company would be fucked hard by all the possible and the impossible authorities imaginable. Exposing yourself to an international market – it is like offering your chest to a stream of bullets from a machine gun. It’s at least advisable to have some body armor for your protection. Likewise it is your responsibility to prepare your company thoroughly before even thinking of stepping into an international market play.

If you still desire to open an international company, do it responsibly. A great advantage would be to hire a qualified consultant, which helps to comply with all the international requirements. Among some good firms, I could only advise as they’ve been doing it for like ages already, and as it is a South African company, their rates remain affordable for any business owner.

When you make an international expansion be ready to create more working places and hire more employees. Although it is a trivial matter, sometimes the budget suddenly gets insufficient, that is why it is better to be fully prepared with an extra budget.